he called himself a wolf tonight and howled at the moon with me. I swear my heart stopped beating, because I have been searching for one my whole life.

they grew up like grass through concrete cracks; trace the tracks of their veins and you’d find that they map out subway lines. breathing in smog and breathing out spells, they walk the streets at night, taking on the sins of the city that created them. their eyes reflect the glow of traffic lights and their souls are bound in steel and asphalt. a flick of their fingers, and the city would be ash.


1911. first known female tattoo artist.

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in a constant battle of loving everything soft&pink&cute and creppy&dark&devilish



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it’s nice to know I still inspire you, now if only my kindness would rub off on you instead of my trendiness.


Beartooth // Body Bag